A new edit on an old photo

I love pictures of fog and how it adds a hauntingly beautiful element to a landscape. Some of the biggest responses I've received regarding my own art have been related to the photos I've taken on a foggy day. There's something about how the world falls away and how much more quiet it seems. Such was the atmosphere 3 years ago as I was so kindly reminded about in a Facebook memories post. The above photo is the edited version of one of those photos that was shown in a post. There is also a lesson here. I deleted the original photo and had to get it off of Facebook which means this can only be printed in small sizes. (5" x 5" or 8" x 8"). It will still make a great cd cover though!

Below is the one off I downloaded off of Facebook:

the reason why I deleted it is because of the "noise" in the middle right section of the photo and the noise in the sky. I like a clean sky when it comes to fog photos and I just couldn't figure out how to get rid of it and get the photo to come out the way I envisioned it. So I deleted it. 3 years later my editing skills are improved and I figured it out. The lesson here is don't delete your pictures (unless you have multiple of the same scene/pose). You may want to come back to it later.

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