Kaleidoscope - Rusted Metal

Making ordinary objects or flowers into symmetrical kaleidoscopes is one of my favorite things to do. I use an online kaleidoscope editor for this which allows me to determine how many sides or sections and the orientation of the photo for the kaleidoscope. There are times where I may have 3 or 4 completely different kaleidoscopes off the same photo. The photo above is the kaleidoscope of the photo below. Two reasons for it to be framed as it is. The first is that these remind me of Mandalas which I find beautiful and interesting. The second is that I wanted to give the impression someone was looking through a kaleidoscope and this was in their scope.

Here is another photo with the kaleidoscopes created from it.

I find this to be very interesting in its own right before the kaleidoscope edit.

The original colors. Can you see the rust and other corrosion?

This center is inverted edit from the kaleidoscope above. Loving the teal and purply blue!

Same kaleidoscope but this time using red color process edit.

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