Highlights from 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

March 9th: Kurt Gunn Album Release of Northern Town at Rock Garden Studio

My image "Cornfield" was used as inspiration for Kurt Gunn to create his solo album "Northern Town". My mission is to connect art and can't do any better than that!

Here is the link to Kurt's Spotify

August 1-3: Artists at the Mile at Foxley's Art and Framing

During Mile at Music I was part of an art show at Foxley's Art and Framing involving several different local artists and also performed my first demonstration of painting on recycled records as they turn on a record player. Below is a video shot by Annew, a local news source all about art and artists. Annew is brought to you by my friends Paul and Eric.

August 16th: Art on the Town at McFleshman's

Live demonstration of painting records as it goes around on a record table. McFleshman's still has one of the records as a decoration on their wall! It's right above the Artiphix machine. Bonus moment was helping a friend of mine's little guy paint one for his room! The result is shown below!

I was featured in a video for Art on the Town by Joshua Robert for WHBY. You can find me about halfway through

September 28th: Paint demonstration at Octoberfest

Spent the day painting right near a main stage for Octoberfest. This was in front of Foxley's Art and Framing. College Avenue in Downtown Appleton is shut down for this fun festival of music and beer.

October: NEWAA Artist of the Month

I'm honored to say that I was NEWAA's Artist of the Month. I had to do some real soul searching when answering the questions sent to me. Jean Detjen wrote a beautiful article. Thank you! Here is a link to the article

November: Fox Cities Magazine Artist Spotlight

Also honored to say that I was featured in the Fox Cities Magazine's Artist Spotlight column. Here is a link to the article

November 7: Tasting for the Troops Fundraising Event

Because I am a veteran and this event raises money for the Wisconsin Veteran's Village,

I retire the work from being printed again if it reaches $1,000. This year the work above raised $1,400! Whoo Hoo!

November 8 - 23: Poetry in Song at the Draw

My work was part of a group exhibit curated by Renee Millard in conjection with a concert on the 23rd by the Chaminade Chorus. The art and music was inspired by poetry. I chose Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise" and created a pair of art records called "Hope over Despair".

November 17: Interview on Code Zero Radio - Midlife Crisis

For the first time ever, I was interviewed on my friend Andy McNamara's independent radio show. I was very nervous but it was a lot of fun and I have been invited to be on again for a full length show sometime in 2020. Here is a link to the interview.

November 29th and December 21: Art Demonstration at Menasha Market - 140 Main

I am now one of the vendors at Menasha Market - 140 Main, a brand new shop where crafters and artists can sell their work. I also have a space where I can spin color on records for people to enjoy. A highlight was when a polite little boy asked if I could please show him. I started a new record and asked him what was his favorite color was. "Pink!" he said and so I showed him how to spin color with one shade of pink and let him put on the paint with a different shade. His older brother was kind of hanging back being all cool so I asked him if he would like to pour on some white. I then blended the color using a large brush. The wow expression on the older brother's face was priceless! I invited them to come back and get the record after it had dried and planned on giving it to the family as a gift from me to them. They did and were so happy about the experience they paid $20 for the record and thanked me for showing them how to create it.

December 17th - Warm it Up with Kyle Megna and the Brass Monsoons Pillars fundrasing event at the Outer Edge

My friend Judy Culligan and I Raised about $120 for Pillars with my art and her lavender filled eye pillows. Great concert! A personal highlight for me was when a young man who is mentally challenged was so excited by my art! I gave him one of the painted records as a Christmas present and he was so happy!

2019 was a great year! looking forward to see what 2020 has in store, but it will be tough to beat!

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